About Us

About PawnMart

PawnMart, Inc. is a chain of 34 pawnshops, headquartered in Norcross, Georgia. 31 PawnMart stores are located in Georgia, and three PawnMart stores are located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Visit our Store Locator to find all of our store addresses and phone numbers.

PawnMart has modern, safe and attractive retail stores.

We have pawnshops with a neat and organized “retail store” environment that our customers really like. Many of our pawnshops are less than two years old, and virtually all PawnMart stores have been recently remodeled.  Our colors are bright, and we make it easy for you to bring in items to pawn, or to just “go shopping.” Come to our stores and see our Fine Jewelry departments. We have amazing low prices (see for yourself!) and we offer Layaways.* We want men, women, and families to feel at home in our clean and attractive stores.

We offer collateralized no-credit-check “pawn loans.”*

The loan collateral (the item you are pawning) is brought into our stores by our customers.

What do we loan on?

Music InstrumentsAnswer: Fine jewelry, gold coins and gold jewelry, silver coins and silver jewelry, Rolex® and other premium watches, tools and construction equipment, lawn care equipment, musical instruments (keyboards, guitars, brass, winds, band instruments), stereos and sound equipment, sports equipment, laptop and desktop computers and peripherals, cameras and camcorders; video game systems and video games, phones and other small electronics, home appliances, automotive products like rims and car radios, collectibles, crystal and china, leather and fur coats and jackets, and numerous other “treasures.”

We Buy Gold, Silver, and Platinum!*

We buy, sell, and loan on carat gold and sterling silver, including carat gold jewelry and gold coins; broken gold and old jewelry; and sterling silver jewelry, coins, platters, pitchers, etc. We focus on selling jewelry to you at excellent discounts, and buying your gold and silver at better prices than other outlets and pawnshops. We have a very large fine jewelry and gold and silver operation at PawnMart.

Shop in our Fine Jewelry departments!*

JewelryOur stores’ jewelry cases hold beautiful pieces of sparkling fine jewelry, in excellent condition, at amazing prices. We sell diamond solitaire rings, wedding ring sets, diamond fashion rings, beautiful color gemstone jewelry, and watches including Rolex® and Tag Heuer® and other fine Swiss watches. We sell earrings, bracelets, gold chains and gold bracelets, diamond pendants, and color gemstone pendants. We sell jewelry for men: rings, chains and gold bracelets.

We have a wide range of pre-owned merchandise for sale, from consumer electronics like iPhones® and GPS, to musical instruments, tools and lawn equipment, video game players and games, laptop and desktop computers, printers, home appliances, car stereos, tires and rims, sporting goods, collectibles, bicycles, motorcycles, and much, much more!*

PawnMart has a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.*

Receive a full refund or exchange the item when you return it within 30 days of purchase.

Layaway Today!*

If you see something you like, put just 10% down, make regular payments and the item is yours!

We can buy your items!*

PawnMart offers the best prices on buying your pre-owned merchandise, including jewelry and many other types of items. You can bring in your items to sell to PawnMart and cash proceeds of the sale are given to you immediately upon PawnMart purchasing the items. Computers, tools, sporting goods, video games and game players, flat-screen TVs,  lawn equipment, electronics, stereos, musical instruments, and many other items.  We can purchase from you all of the same items that you can bring in for a pawn loan. Just bring your items to one of our PawnMart stores and we will give you cash for your items.

Title Pawns*

PawnMart CarPawnMart offers Title Pawns in its 31 Georgia stores, with no credit check. A typical “Title Pawn” involves vehicle title to a car, SUV, truck or motorcycle as the collateral for the loan, but PawnMart also does Title Pawns on:

  • Commercial vehicles
  • Big rig trucks
  • Boats
  • Jet skis
  • Boat trailers and other types of trailers
  • Farm equipment like tractors

You may be able to keep your car or titled vehicle while it is in Title Pawn. To complete a Title Pawn contract, you must have the following:

  • Proper vehicle title and VIN# (Georgia)
  • Vehicle keys (extra set)
  • Georgia Driver’s License or Government I.D.
  • Proof of Georgia Residency
  • Home Address verification (utility bill with address)
  • Income verification (e.g., paycheck or Social Security stub)
  • Three Personal References in Georgia (name, address, phone)
  • Fill Out the PawnMart Title Pawn Application

Come visit one of our Georgia stores to learn about our Title Pawn program. Most of our Georgia stores have a dedicated Title Pawn Coordinator and private office in which to arrange a Title Pawn. Our interest rates on Title Pawns are very competitive.

Se habla español! PawnMart has many employees who are bilingual in English and Spanish.

Customer Promise

At PawnMart, our mission and customer promise are to…

  • Treat all customers with respect, friendliness, and professionalism
  • Offer the best retail prices you can get on pre-owned merchandise
  • Offer the highest $$ loan values possible on pawn loans
  • Accept the widest range of items for pawn collateral
  • Meet the highest standards of honesty and ethics
  • Guarantee customer satisfaction
  • Be good citizens in our communities
  • Operate in a completely legal manner, at all times


*Selections and services vary by location. Services subject to terms and conditions. See store associate for details.