Title Pawn

Title Pawns

PawnMart offers Title Pawns in its 31 Georgia stores

A typical “Title Pawn” involves vehicle title to a car, SUV, truck or motorcycle as the collateral for the loan, but PawnMart also does Title Pawns on commercial vehicles, boats, Jet Skis, boat trailers, other types of trailers, and farm equipment like tractors.  You may be able to keep your car or titled vehicle while it is in Title Pawn. You must have proper vehicle title, vehicle keys, and Driver’s License or government I.D. to do a Title Pawn. Come visit one of our Georgia stores to learn about our Title Pawn program. Most of our Georgia stores have a dedicated Title Pawn Coordinator and private office in which to arrange a Title Pawn.

We offer Title Pawns on the following types of Motor Vehicles:

  • Cars
  • SUVs
  • Pickup Trucks
  • Vans
  • Box trucks
  • Semi Trucks (big rigs)
  • Boats
  • Jet Skis
  • Farm Equipment
  • Trailers: boat, utility, landscaping, horse

What are Title Pawns?

Title Pawns are convenient collateralized pawns written on Motor Vehicle Titles. Motor vehicles include cars, SUVs, trucks, commercial vehicles, boats with motors, motorcycles, golf carts, etc. Title Pawns can be written based on lender’s criteria, which includes vehicle equity, credit report, credit score, outstanding debt and ability to repay the loan. Cars, trucks, and SUVs can be the basis for a Title Pawn. The automobile’s owner can continue to drive his or her vehicle in most cases, and PawnMart will put a lien on the vehicle’s title and hold the title until the Title Pawn is paid in full. Monthly agreed-on interest payments are required. Every Title Pawn is subject to approval by the lender.

Do all PawnMart stores do Title Pawns?

All Georgia PawnMart stores (31 stores) do Title Pawns. These types of pawns cannot be made in our North Carolina PawnMart stores, due to state laws.

What I.D. or documents do I need to get a Title Pawn?

You will need the following documents and keys:

Vehicle documents

  • Georgia vehicle title, boat title, motorcycle title, etc.
  • VIN #
  • Georgia driver’s license
  • Extra set of vehicle keys

Documents needed to establish Georgia residency and employment

  • Utility bill (gas, electric, phone, cable, etc.) with Georgia home address
  • Insurance and/or Registration documents
  • Recent paycheck stub proving employment/income, or Social Security or regular retirement income pay stub

Forms you need to fill out

  • Title Pawn application
  • Personal references (at least three in Georgia)

Who do I contact to get a PawnMart Title Pawn?

You can go into any PawnMart store in Georgia to apply for a title pawn.

How long does it take to get Title Pawn approval, after I provide PawnMart with the correct documents and filled-out forms?

We can process your Title Pawn in less than half an hour if you have the required documents in order. All applications are approved, with proper loan application paperwork. An $18 fee is deducted from loan proceeds for filing the title lien with the State of Georgia.

*Selections and services vary by location. Services subject to terms and conditions. See store associate for details.